The Great Seto Bridge (Seto Ohashi) is the inclusive name for six consecutive bridges connecting five islands in the Seto Inland Sea (Japan). Started in 1978, the Great Seto Bridge was a truly monumental work that took 10 years to finish.

Similarly, our mission is to conduct a 10 year R&D project and feasibility study on the effects of nonprofit and B-Corps collaborations have on the environmental health, economics and general real sustainability of select communities.

Phase 1 will keynote the development of the 14,000 sqft HQ and co-work laboratory. It will serve the community as the dedicated co-work space, incubator and social club.

Phase 2 will run concurrent to Phase 1 – we will convert the vacant lots near our headquarters into urban gardens. To reduce through traffic and increase safety, we intend to convert 24th Place (between Van Buren & Monroe St) into an educational urban grove to increase canopy cover.

Van Buren HQ Warehouse